Polyphonic Ring Tones

Finally, with the introduction of polyphonic ring tones, you can get a ringer for your cell phone plan that you can be proud of. The latest cellphones now have the ability to play songs using multiple tones at once. With polyphonic tones the music played is of much better quality – it actually sounds like the song is supposed to. If you have a newer phone it should be able to play a polyphonic ring tone, check with the manufacturer to be sure. Nokia and Motorola ringtones now come in this new format too.

There are many sites on the internet devoted to polyphonic and other ring tones. Most offer a pay per download system where you pay a small fee for each ringer you want. Some sites may even offer free polyphonic ringtones but it is usually more convenient to get them from the pay sites as they are quite affordable with much less hassle. Just about any song is now available for your phone.

Most sites offering ring tones for download also have logos available too. Nokia ringtones and Nokia logos will normally be available from the same site as they usually go hand in hand. Logos are pictures that are displayed on your cell phone screen when it is idle. If you have a color phone the logos can be quite spectacular.

So if you like to stand out in a crowd or just have a favorite song that you’ve always wanted on your cell phone, check out polyphonic or the newer truetone ring tones and get a cool logo while you’re at it!

Some popular polyphonic or truetones: In Da Club, Milkshake, Mission Impossible, Can’t Touch This, Super Mario Brothers Theme, Matrix Reloaded Theme and more.