What Do We Use our Cell Phones For?

We use our mobile telephones for entertainment, to connect with friends and colleagues, to stay informed, to shop, and for just about everything else! When you’re looking for your iPhone or mobile phone repair, take a look at Mobile King, call today at 317-835-9772 today!

Who Owns a Smart Phone?

At least 81% of American adults now own a smartphone, and these devices have become an integral component of both our work and personal lives.
It’s amazing how the purpose of smart phones has changed through the years. They started as another way to communicate, and now they’re tools to experience the whole world from your fingers!
As social media, entertainment, search, and shopping take up larger portions of our time, how much time are we spending on actual communication?
Social Media
According to MediaKix, we spend an average of 1 hour, 56 minutes on the top 5 social network sites platforms alone. The top 5 being (by usage):.
1. YouTube.
2. Facebook.
3. Snapchat.
4. Instagram.
5. Twitter.
And according to comScore’s 2017 Future in Focus report, 66% of that time takes place on smartphones. (Only 21% of social media sites time takes place on a desktop.) Though this doesn’t include sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other heavy hitters, it means we spend about 1 hour, 16 minutes a day engaging with the top 5 social media platforms on our phones.